Injustice in Sports

soccer ball


We all love to watch sports. For some reason, the celebration of the capabilities of the human body brings people of all different walks of life together. However, while these sporting events can be very joyous, they can oftentimes be tainted by unfairness and injustice. This article aims to explore some of the ways in which justice is being cheated in sports.


While it would be nice to think that everything in sports is pure and fair competition, it is not. Oftentimes, the greed and the prospect of money based on outcomes is involved. This often happens at the core or head of an organization where some of the big decisions of the professional future of that sport. For example, some of the head officials of FIFA (the international soccer organization responsible for running the world cup) were exposed for taking monetary bribes in order to alter the details of the World Cup. This is clearly an injustice. What is also unjust about this is that there is too much power placed at the head of an organization like this. When there is too much power at the head of an organization, there is too much temptation for villains and criminals to try to target those heads with bribes and the like to negatively alter the future of the sport.


In addition to heads of organizations being corrupt, referees are also bribed to throw the outcome of a game. This is also unjust because it makes the game unfair. There should be more rules and screening processes in place to make sure that this stops happening.

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