Injustice in the Courts



The court is a place where justice is supposed to be served. Since ancient times, citizens have brought their quarrels and issues to a court of some sort. Whether the verdict ruler was a king, a jury, or a judge, justice would be served to the highest extent. The courts in our country have been modeled with this ideal in mind. However, something has run amok and justice is no longer being served in the courts.

Racism in our justice system

One of the main issues in our justice system is racism. Some may think that this is not an issue because everybody gets due process. However, this is not always true. For example, a lot of upper class white criminals can pay for the best lawyers, allowances, and even sentence breaks. Meanwhile, lower class and middle class (and sometimes even upper class) criminals who are also persons of color will not be able to get the same treatment. This is clearly unjust and an example of racism in our justice system.

Unfair juries

Additionally, persons of color are often dealt with more harshly in the court than their white counterparts. For example, studies and statistics show that with the same kind of crime, persons of color are found to be guilty more often than whites. Additionally, further studies show that juries will give criminals who are persons of color stricter sentences than whites for the same kinds of crimes. This is clearly an example of racism and injustice in our courts and needs to be stopped.

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