Justice in Copyright Law



There are times when injustice is being done in areas about which we are not informed. For example, there is injustice in copyright law. While this may seem like an obscure field, copyright law happens to have a huge impact on the inventions and progress that is made in technology today. Without copyright law, intellectual property and companies would be completely undermined, leading to a much more unfairly competitive and dishonest society. This article looks at some of the ways that justice is being cheated in copyright law.


One of the main parts of copyright law is obtaining a patent. This means that you have certification that you have the intellectual property over an invention, an idea, or even a song. While some people come up with amazing ideas originally, others can make a fortune off of stolen ideas. Patents are supposed to protect people from that. However, sometimes bribing is put into place with patent applications, tempting the patent attorneys to be corrupt and also threatening the moral foundation of the justice of intellectual property. This happens more often than many would like to admit. The worst part about this injustice is that some of these may have a huge negative impact on society, and that is something we do not want.

Improper Selling

The other injustice in copyright law is that copyrights are being improperly sold to the public. There are people with incredible ideas looking for patents and copyrights. The problem is that they can get duped by charlatan attorneys just looking to make money and steal the ideas for themselves.

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