Injustice in Voting



One of the worst things that a government can do to its people is take away their right to vote. However, did you know that this his happening right in our very nation? Yes, I can hardly believe it either. Nevertheless, this is happening on a daily basis in many states. How is it happening? This injustice is happening through the identification requirements for voting.

Racism in voting

It’s hard to fathom that our own government is being racist in the voting process, but it’s true. This mainly happens through ID requirements that voters must go through in order to vote. However, studies have shown that many people of color are not able to get the proper ID or show the proper ID in order to vote. This results in many people of color not being able to vote in elections that are occurring nationwide. This is a gross injustice. Think about it–many people of color are getting denied their right to have their voice heard through voting for the candidate that they view to be fit for office.


Fake IDs

Most of these ID laws preventing people of color from voting are put in place in order to avoid voter fraud. However, studies have shown that this is an incredibly small problem in our country and has never even affected an election. The worst part about this is that many legislators who vote behind closed doors commit voter fraud all of the time. This unfairness is clearly an injustice in our system and must be stopped.

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