Justice in the Supreme Court




If you have been watching the news, you will know that Justice Antonin Scalia died this past weekend at his home in Texas. While it is sad to see a brilliant mind like this go, we must look forward and see what Justice Scalia’s Death means for the future of the Supreme Court.


One of the things that Justice Scalia was well known for was his conservative nature when voting on the bench during his service in the Supreme Court. For example, Scalia Voted against the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan. In addition, he voted against making gay marriage legal in the United States this past June. Now that Scalia is no longer with us, the Supreme Court has the opportunity to appoint a justice who could completely change the turnout of the nine votes from the bench. This could in turn have a huge impact on the future decisions that the Supreme Court makes.



Because the prospect of a new justice is so significant, we need to urge our nation’s government to make sure that justice is well served in the Supreme Court. If they are not careful, they could choose someone to take Scalia’s place that will inhibit the progress of our nation and impede justice. This is definitely something that we would not want. Therefore, we should make our voices heard through as many outlets as awe can: internet, paper, and ┬áin person. In this way, we can let our nation’s politicians know that we care about who is replacing Judge Scalia. We will also let our nation’s government know how much we care about justice.

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