Justice for the Middle Class


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There is an alarming disparity between the rich and the middle class in our country. In fact, the middle class is collapsing. Did you know that most of our nation’s money and income earned belongs to the top one percent of the country’s socioeconomic strata? This is completely unacceptable and in fact downright unjust.


One of the ways that the middle class is being treated unjustly is through the large corporations and CEOs dominating the majority of income and wealth in our country. Oftentimes, the chief executive officers of a Fortune 500 company will allow themselves to have large bonuses totaling millions of dollars. For example, last year, the top executives at Goldman Sachs made hundreds of millions of dollars for their yearly salary, while some of the employees who were lower on the company ladder were payed very minimally with very unfair and meager benefits. This comes to a head in large companies like McDonald’s and Walmart. For example, many employees at both of these companies work for minimum wage. In most states, working forty hours a week on minimum wage will barely keep one or one’s family above the poverty level, keeping them soundly in the the lower middle class. Meanwhile, the executives and leaders of the company profit hugely off of the hard work of these honest employees. This injustice needs to be stopped. We need to find a way to make sure that large corporations are not taking advantage of middle class employees.

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