Think About the Environment!



Every day when I wake up, I see new articles about how awful things are happening to the environment. However, it is incredible to me that while there is so much press about how unjustly the environment is being treated, there is very little progress on the front of preserving it. No matter what we are doing, it seems like the government and large money-hungry corporations are exploiting the earth.


One of the unjust things that humans are doing to the environment is the contribution to watershed degradation. While watershed degradation can happen due to a host of different causes, one of the causes is overexploitation of the land. This happens when arable land is used beyond its potential for fertility. As a result, the land begins to lose nutrients and other attributes that make the land life-giving. This ultimately becomes a contributing factor towards watershed degradation. The worst part about this is that we are totally in control. We have the ability to let go and let the land recover. However,  in order to get ahead in life and try to make a buck, we end up hurting the earth through this awful method. This is unjust and unacceptable.



Another unjust thing that humans are doing to the environment is allowing oil spills to happen. Oftentimes this happens because of our recklessness. However, this can also happen because we are too greedy and oil-dependent. As a result, we are putting the earth at risk of massive pollution. This is another source of injustice towards the environment.

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