About Me





My name is Macy and I am the owner of this website. Thanks for visiting! I set up this website because I am the leader of a small organization called Agenda for Justice, or AFJ for short. We are an organization committed to raising awareness for justice in our region. This website’s purpose is to give the public short bite-sized bits of information that are easy to process mentally. I wanted to make this website because the internet is the best way in disseminating information. For example, if I make a post from this site, it has the potential to reach millions of people through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This is extremely important because we believe in spreading our message and getting others to join our Agenda for Justice organization. Through doing this, we hope that people will realize all of the injustices that are going on in our society. Furthermore, we hope that people will want to stand up and let their voice be heard so that even more people can become aware of what is happening in our country. Additionally, I am trying to post about instances where justice is actually being served in order to encourage our website’s visitors about the progress that justice is making in our society. In this way, there is also some positive content to balance out some of the more negative and somber posts that can be sobering.

If you want to share about some justices or injustices that are happening, feel free to comment and let me know! Thanks again for visiting!